The Florida Goodwill Association was formed to:

  • To speak with one voice to advocate for services to meet the needs of people with barriers to employment while concurrently strengthening families and communities; the association will raise funds to best meet these needs throughout the State.
  • To promote and strengthen Goodwill’s relationships with public and private agencies throughout the state.
  • To provide a mechanism for joint decisions, communication and exchange of ideas, and cooperative action among the 9 Goodwill Organizations in the state.
  • To develop and expand quality work throughout the state by providing programs that persons with barriers to employment need (as a result of state/federal/public funding) and that help solve statewide related issues.
  • To promote and advocate for public awareness of disability issues and the problems the disabled face throughout the state through strengthening relationships with Vocational Rehabilitation, DD, APD.
  • To provide input on local needs and opportunities to Goodwill International to influence policy decisions.
  • To periodically bring staff within Florida together to exchange information and to network, discuss plans, programs, trends, common challenges, and promising practices.


Across our nation, every 27 seconds of every business day, a person served by Goodwill obtains a good job. Every five seconds, another American accesses Goodwill for opportunities to build careers and strong families.

Goodwill Industries has helped people go to work since 1902. We provide employment, job training, and other community-based programs for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

At Goodwill, we believe that work creates the economic energy that builds strong families and vibrant communities. Work builds self-confidence, relationships, and independence. Everyone deserves a chance to have those things in life. Goodwill provides that chance.


223,673 – Number of people served through employment and training programs

33,038 – Number of Floridians placed into jobs in the community

$10.64 – Weighted average hourly wage at placement

33 hours – Average hours worked per week

$489.6 million – Total wages earned by people placed

$1.4 billion – Total economic impact of job placements

$24.9 million – Additional fiscal impact of placements (sales and income tax)

225 – Total number of Goodwill retail stores

10,265 – People employed by Goodwill

Source: https://www.floridagoodwills.org