In the short seven year period since Governor Crist signed into law Florida Statute 624.4625., the FIT has grown from its 3 charter members to a membership of over 200 of the most respected social service companies in the state. This consistent growth confirms the trust belief in its unchanging mission; to provide superior insurance coverages, cost and service to our membership.

When F.I.T. received authorization from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulations on June 8, 2007 to begin operations it became the first trust in Florida specifically designed to serve Florida’s not-for-profit community. In fact, because of the very high standards required by the state to operate as a trust, F.I.T. is still the only one.

As the trust entered its seventh year of operations earlier this year, the Board of Directors sat down to discuss the attributes that have allowed F.I.T. to experience its unheard of success rate (98% retention rate). For years we have been talking about the purchasing power of the group and the benefits of being able to purchase all lines of coverage from one trusted source. It became obvious that while the trust still benefited from the 15 advantages that have been told over the years, they all could now be explained by a single word – FOCUS.

The trust is owned by its members and governed by a Board of Directors comprised of its members. This allows the trust to maintain its sole focus of providing the Best Price Coverage and Services to our members.

Services for F.I.T. members are provided by Non-Profit Insurance Services, NPIS. NPIS has been the exclusive service provider since the inception of F.I.T. For more information regarding F.I.T., please contact NPIS at 888-794-7771 or (407) 936-2132.

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