This 2012 Florida Insurance Trust (FIT) Educational Retreat was a success. There were over 80 attendees to the conference, including entities interested in becoming members and learning more about the FIT Health product. Over the course of two days, several presentations were given, all of which can be viewed here.

fit-conference-2012Chairman Joe Aneillo (President/CEO of UCP South Florida) kicked off the retreat with a warm welcome to the attendees. Next, Shane Caldwell, CEO of Ballator Insurance Group, gave a FIT update and a overview of the state of the insurance market. Scott Bowers from Lassiter-Ware Insurance gave a very informative presentation about employment practices and whistleblower claims. Michael Bracken, president of Medcom spoke about the national and state updates, followed by John Orebaugh, Employee Benefits Director of NPIS and Kathleen Sullivan, R.D. VP of Business Development of NPIS who spoke about the FIT Health product which is now being offered to qualifying groups with 25 or more employees.

Day two started out bright and early with a 9am session about the transfer of risks. Shane Caldwell used an esteemed panel of knowledgable insurance specialists to help answer the tough insurance questions and definitions of confusing insurance terms: Hasib Bangloria, Senior Vice President of Ballator Insurance Group, Mark Oliver, Senior Vice President of Swett & Crawford, Doug Childers, JR., Senior Risk Consultant of Lassiter-Ware Insurance, and Don Noel, VP of Sales for NPIS.

Robert Stuart and Chris Carmody of Gray|Robinson, P.A. gave an entertaining and informative legislative update, the presentation can be found here. The floor was then opened to current FIT members for questions and recommendations for the Trust, for the 2013 Educational Retreat and more because, after all, our commitment to the members of the trust is the cornerstone of our success, for we never will lose sight that FIT is truly the members’ trust.

About the Florida Insurance Trust:

fit-strengthinmembership-smallThe risk pooling concept allows the program structure to adapt to the current insurance market conditions. During hard markets conditions,when insurance rates rise above the cost to actuarially fund the group’s exposure, the pools expand and less insurance is purchased. When insurance rates decrease to the point where it is more cost effective to purchase insurance, the pool contract and additional insurance is purchased.

FIT currently provides Property, General Liability, Professional Liability, Medical Practice Liability, Medical Legal Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Automobile, and Employee Health Benefits ‐ FIT Health.