Florida Insurance Trust exceeds expectations by donating over $39,000 to the Florida Behavioral Health Association (FBHA). The donation will have positive impact on many lives within FBHA’s substance abuse, children’s services, and hospital-based programs throughout Florida.

FBHA Divisions

The purpose of the Florida Behavioral Health Association is to provide leadership and to unite individuals and business entities engaged directly or indirectly in behavioral health and behavioral medicine to promote and protect the mutual interests of its members and the behavioral health industry. FBHA achieves its goals through five divisions:

  1. Business
  2. Criminal Justice
  3. Healthcare
  4. Housing and Recovery
  5. Public Resource

Together, these divisions strengthen the voice of companies and individuals at both state and national levels and foster an environment of innovation and change by:

  • Providing a forum for sharing of solutions and educational materials gained by its members;
  • Formulating and maintain standards of the behavioral health industry in its interaction with the public and individual members;
  • Promoting the improvement of behavioral health care services in the state of Florida;
  • Promoting legislation, funding, and policies that recognize and advance behavioral health prevention, treatment, and recovery;
  • Supporting behavioral health through education of the general public;
  • Serving as liaison on the state and federal levels with other professional organizations to promote the advancement of the behavioral health industry; and
  • Promoting the image and exposure of the behavioral health industry.

Source: FBHA
Source: FIT