Membership Discount

Safety First:
GPS – Telematics – (Click attached PDF for additional Information).
Discount Pricing:

  • $75 per device. If you order 10+ devices, price drops to $65.
  • $20 vehicle/month for the pro-plan service
  • $14 vehicle/month for the base plan
  • $49 flat shipping rate fee

Safety First’s Learning Management System – (Click attached PDF for additional information).
Discount Pricing:

*$15 driver/year, includes 20 modules.
If you are interested in any of these services please contact Jennifer.Lister@NPIS.com, and she will assist you

Edith Bush Institute for Philanthropy & Nonprofit - Rollings College
Educational Programs – FIT will offer up to $300.00 in tuition per year for each organization for enrollment in the many Non-Profit Educational classes provided by the Edith Bush Institute.  If you enroll and are interested in a credit, please contact Jennifer.Lister@NPIS.com